Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Yesterday I was down picking up a few things from in town, and was talking to a lady down there. She thanked me for being patient as I waited for service and the subject of people who complain about service came up. I said 'If the worst thing you've got to complain about is the service you are or aren't getting, you're doing really well.' This lady agreed with me. It's true though.
Life throws us some really tough curve balls, and we can buy into all the rubbish that comes along with it, we can let our emotions control our actions, we can attract more negative stuff by focussing on the 'negative' stuff or we can remember that we still have so much that is going right in our lives.
For instance, from the following list, how many things could you tick the box as being in your life;
   I am alive and experiencing life.
   My sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste works.
   My heart is healthy and functioning.
   I live in a great country with freedom of speech and movement.
   I have friends and family that care about me.
   I am able to move around easily as my body functions properly.
   I have creativity, imagination and intelligence.
   I am fed, clothed, sheltered and have access to fresh water.
   I am suffering no major illnesses or health challenges.
   I have opportunities to make my life better if I look for them.
   I have access to educational resources.
   I have employment and I have disposable income.
   I have the ability to change my mind, my thinking and my future.
You get the idea. We have so my things to be grateful for, and we could go on and on listing them. Unfortunately, as humans we are inclined to focus on the negative. The glut of reality shows that vote people off proliferate, so it proves we do that.
The big question is, 'What are you going to focus on?' The negative, which can overpower you, make you feel helpless, drag you to your knees or are you going to focus on the positive and really take off with your new wings and soar higher than you ever have, above the sea of mediocrity to be all you can be and leave the best legacy you can?
As always, the choice is yours, always has been, always will be. Choose well and may we meet on the journey.
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