Thursday, 10 January 2013


A while ago I was re-reading a book series I like to re-read every couple of years. In fact, how I came across it was quite weird. I was on holidays down south with my ex and we had stayed in a B & B, and in the morning I was in the lounge looking at a small library the gent had for clientele to read. We were discussing books we had read and he recommended this book series. It's called 'Conversations with God' and he thought I might find it interesting. I made note of it but didn't give it much thought as I felt it was a religious thing and I'm not religious. On the way home, we stopped off in a country town and were looking in a store when the lady in there said “I've been reading this book series 'Conversations with God' and it's really good”. Anyway, I rolled my eyes upward and silently said “Okay, I'll get it”. I brought the series when we got home and read it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have gleaned many great bits of wisdom and knowledge from it.
A couple of months ago I re-read it and came across a part that I had forgotten about but this time it jumped out at me and I made a solid note of it and wanted to pass it on here. I believe it is one of the most, if not the most powerful tool you'll ever use. It can majorly change your life. It has already made a massive difference to mine. It is about truth. In the book they describe five levels of truth telling. They are
  1. Tell the truth to yourself about yourself
  2. Tell the truth to yourself about another
  3. Tell the truth about yourself to another
  4. Tell the truth about another to that other
  5. Tell the truth to everyone about everything
The basic crux is that at level one, you stop using denial and admit to yourself how you really are feeling. I found this is where my life change started. This is the point where I started to take responsibility of my life and control of the direction.
The second level is where I started to get rid of the people that were working against me. I had to admit who was on my side and who wasn't. It was hard to admit that these people probably weren't good for me to hang around.
Level three and four are where I currently am. It is really difficult having to make a stand against people and tell them how I really feel about myself as well as how I feel about them. It is terrifying and scary and also exhilarating as well because I know I'm moving my life forward.
Where do you feel you are? What level are you at? Where would you like to be? What's stopping you?
I heartily encourage you to start using this one tool and see how much it can change your life.
Send me an e-mail and let me know how you're going. Give it a real crack, it's your life we're talking about here, no-one else's. Go for it!
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