Friday, 25 January 2013


It's a funny thing that we all love going to the movies and we lose ourselves in the drama, the tension, the action, the suspense, the violence, the humour, the plot, the effects, the whole package. We'll happily spend our hard earned money to lose ourselves for a short period of time in the efforts of people who do this for a living.
We know that the action is set up, we know the violence is faked, we know the effects are computer generated or very carefully constructed, we know the scenery is fake, we know the characters are invented but we still buy into it and believe it is real, even if only for a couple of hours.
A perfect example was many years ago, I was at the cinemas watching Rocky III. For those of you that may be too young, it starred Sylvester Stallone as Rocky and Mr T as Clubber Lang. There was this scene where they are boxing and Rocky as per usual was in the corner getting the snot beaten out of him. The tension had been built up as the punches flew back and forth until Rocky was protecting himself as well as he could as the punches rained on him. It wasn't looking good. Suddenly, this woman over to my left, jumps to her feet and screamed out “Get out of there Rocky!” I thought to myself, there is someone who has really bought into it. It's amazing I still remember that so clearly.
See, she was buying into it 100%. Her conviction that Rocky was real and in imminent danger was complete. She had value for money. We have all had that experience, where we buy into it 100%.
Your life is just like a movie. There are scenes played out with backdrops and scenery and set pieces. We have a cast, who are actually writing their own script. We have action, drama, tension, suspense, intrigue, romance, even some violence. We play it out every day on this world stage. We control all of the action, whether we like it, believe it, or even understand it. Unfortunately, some of us don't like our movie.
My question for you is this. What movie are you creating? What value for your money have you created? Who are the cast? What genre of film are you directing? How will each scene end? Are you creating the actual film you want or are you picking an action film when you really want a thriller? Are you creating a suspense film when you really want a romance?
Whether we believe it or not, we are the movie makers of our lives. Every scene is set up by us, cast by us, directed by us, edited by us, scored by us, we do the whole package. We a one (wo)man film making machine.
If you don't like your film, start again. Learn to direct the film you do want, write the script you want, hire the actors and actresses you want, set up the scenery you want. Be the film maker you want to be, take control. You've paid the money (you're living), you may as well see the film you want to see (live the life you want). So, what is your film going to look like now?
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