Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I was talking to a friend today who is also a listener to my podcast and we were discussing what I was hoping to achieve with my podcasts etc. My goal is to help people avoid some of the bigger mistakes in life. Will I be able to help you avoid all mistakes? No. That would be impossible and regardless of how effective I may be at delivering my message, how aware I may make you of information and inspire you to do something about your life, I could never get you to avoid all the problems.
Problems and mistakes are a natural part of life, and through them you learn many things. What I'm hoping to help you avoid are the bigger, more painful and destructive mistakes you could potentially make. Things like picking a partner that doesn't fit into your life plan and isn't a match for you; picking a career that gives you little satisfaction or remuneration; a body that is unhealthy, unfit and inflexible; a financial plan that doesn't protect you or the people you love.
Avoiding some of these disastrous choices for myself and others would be of prime concern to me. I would rather avoid making these again myself and am actively doing what I can to choose better. Through my choosing better, I can help others choose better.
What sort of mistakes would I like you to make and learn from? There are many. As I make you aware of things, you may store them away for when they are a part of your life. As you go along you will encounter situations and make a poor choice, but due to the awareness I have given you, you could then choose better, correct the situation and move in a better direction in a very short period of time.
A perfect example could be that you have finally found a partner who is a good match for you. You have been together for six months and you don't communicate something effectively one day. An argument ensues and you find that you have two choices. You can listen to the part of your brain that wants to argue about how you are right and they are wrong or you can recall something I mentioned about resolving arguments and even though it is awkward and takes some time, you persist until finally you sort it out and get the relationship back on an even keel.
This is what I'm talking about. I can't help you avoid the argument, but I can help you get it back to normal as quick as you are able. That is my goal. Make the mistakes, but correct them before they drag you to your knees. Enjoy the journey, minimise the bumps and maximise the good stuff.
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Thursday, 8 November 2012


Two days ago, I was interviewed by the man who was responsible for my dream finally getting underway.
For ten years I have had this dream simmering in me. Five years ago it started to burned and I decided to write a book and put down all my thoughts, experiences, lessons and wisdom that I had managed to create, collect and try to implement in my life. It was going to be more of a rambling of my life really. Then I decided to get serious and made moves to take control of my life. I ended my second marriage, moved out of the house into my own accommodation and started to do what I call an ‘introspective retrospective’.
For the next six to eighteen months I asked myself some serious questions, looked at where I had made poor choices, ignorant choices, naive choices, and sometimes downright stupid choices. Once I had this information, I pondered the choices I should have made and realised they fell into 7 categories. From these categories I developed what I now call The 7 Big Questions. Once I had these, I created my answers to them. I then started applying them to my life. Within the year my life had done a 180o turn around. Now it’s better then I could have imagined and getting better.
The big turn around for my dream was back in August 2011. I was with my new lady in Sydney, Australia for a seminar. On the second day, a guy by the name of Sam Crowley comes on stage and starts talking about podcasts. I’d heard about them but didn’t fully understand that the common man could make them. Once Sam started explaining all of this, I leant over to my lady and said, very excitedly, ‘this is it, this is what I’ve been looking for!’ I signed on with Sam to learn how to do it.
For the next nine months I listened to Sam’s webinars and read all I could find on podcasts. I was doing paralysis by analysis. Then when I was listening to the webinars for the fourth time, two phrases of Sam’s jumped out at me. “You miss 100% of the shots you never take” and “Don’t get your podcast perfect, just get it out there”. I suddenly realised I had been scared to put it out there in case it was crappy and I was judged. Silly thought.
Within four days, I had 5 podcasts recorded and on-line. Soon I had people in eight different countries listening to me and with the number growing it’s very exciting, especially when I get feed back.
As part of his package, Sam had agreed to interview me on his podcast, so I have done that now and it was a wonderful 20 minute chat that I enjoyed very much. Check it out on PodOmatic. Just type in Sam Crowley or Every Day Is Saturday and listen in.
It’s amazing how much your life can change when you stop blaming others, make some better decisions and keep moving one foot in front of the other. It’s just moving to the horizon so you can see further each time.
I know I am and it’s very exciting.
I look forward to having you on my journey with me.

Wayne Brown is a facilitator and promoter for life change. Contact him at
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